Tips for Selecting a Family Law Firm

How to Select a Family Law Firm

Choosing a family law firm or attorney for that matter isn’t easy, but it’s not an impossible task either. Most people try to address issues relating to powers of attorney, co-habitation and marriage agreements, child custody and divorce agreements without a family law firm backing their cause since they believe finding a reliable law firm is stressful and expensive. That’s not the case if you follow these tips for selecting a family law firm.

Family Law

Know Your Requirements

Older couples may have requirements different from a younger couple. Also, individuals with complicated financial assets and extensive property holdings could prefer siding with a firm that offers both tax planning and family law under a single roof. The more you’re aware of your needs, the easier it is to narrow down options and pick the right law firm.

Seek Recommendations

Ask family and friends if they have any law firm recommendations for you. Seeking references from people you confide in or trust is perhaps the most efficient way to locate the right family law firm. When interacting with your folks, do not hesitate to ask questions or clarify any doubts you have about the law firm. Aspects such as law firm fees, customer interaction levels or responses, honesty, etc. can be discussed over.

Search Online

Almost every business has a presence online, and law firms are no exceptions. Therefore, start your search on the web, or you may even cross-check the reputation and ratings of law firms recommended by your kin. Using an online search engine to get some idea about the family law firms within your locality is recommended, but don’t base your decisions solely on the reviews and feedback on a couple of sites. A good example is the Australian Lawyer Finder, Find A Local Lawyer. They assist by providing Local Geelong Family Lawyer details and information. Lean towards the more reliable sites and put in a more conscious effort to read through all the material.

Remember, positive reviews online do not necessarily mean the particular firm will fit your needs too.

Narrow Down

Between references from family and friends and some web research, narrow your list to 3-5 family law firms. To help with the shortlisting, you may list down the advantages and disadvantages of each firm and make a preference list based on who fits your requirements the best.

Preliminary Consultation

It’s not all done yet. No level of research can equate the information you may derive from a meeting with the potential law firm professionals in person. But most people get stuck at this point. Most evade the scenario thinking a 30-minute preliminary consultation may cost them big money. This is certainly not true, at least in most cases. A majority of law firms charge potential clients a nominal fee. In fact, there are some firms that provide free preliminary consultation.

If the law firm is located far away or if it’s not feasible to meet your future lawyer team in person, ring them up. Do not hesitate to put forward any questions you may have. Also, use this phone call as an opportunity to ascertain the law firm’s approach and patience when answering your questions, irrespective of how trivial those are.

By following the aforementioned steps, you are extremely unlikely to end up with the wrong family law firm.